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Driving Technique

micobike offers you driving technique training on different levels. Thereby more control over the bike, fun while driving and safety have priority.

Learn with us: The basic position, safe braking in any situation, chosen view management, accurately driving through curves and serpentines, driving around or avoiding obstacles or driving down stairs and steep descents (a great basic exercise).

All more advanced drivers can practice with us: the „Bunny Hop“,  „Drop“, Wheely, standing still on the bike, the choice of the right route, raising the front wheel and shifting the back wheel. We also offer special trainings for DH and Trial.

The trainings take part in small groups or as individual training. We recommend advanced drivers to book individual training, as we can cater for their specific needs much better this way.

The trainings take 5 to 6 hours. A break and a small tour to apply what was learned are included.

For the trainings on an advanced level a downhill bike suitable for competitions and a professional trial bike are available. With the help of these bikes many driving techniques can be learnt much easier.

Why micobike? The reason is Micha. His years of experience (active in races and shows since 1994) in trial and downhill have taught him all techniques you need for bicycling. Since 2002 he has been mediating driving techniques on all levels. His experienced view quickly reveals where there is room for improvement. All micobike trainings have been developed by Micha and are tailored according to the participants‘ needs.


Dates upon consultation . We recommend you to train your driving techniques in Majorca during the winter. We will show you how you can continue training at home on grey and cold winter days and have plenty of fun doing it, in order to make the following season perfect in terms of driving technique :o)

The trainingsake place in the southeast of Majorca. The training tool is usually a Hardtail MTB. With the Hardtail you can learn driving techniques more pointedly. We recommend advanced drivers to bring their protective clothing. Safety comes first for us. All can be done, nothing has to be...


  • In a group of 2 to max. 6 participants:                                85,00 Euro​
  • Individual training:                                                             185,00 Euro

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