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Levels - Self-evaluation

On which level do I drive or which one suits me?

We are often confronted with the question: Which aspiration level should I aim for or can I drive at smoothly? This applies whether you book a tour, driving technique training or an individual package.

Generally the issue of the driving level is divided into two fields: stamina and driving technique, and each of these into 5 levels. We would like to help you to evaluate yourself better, so you can have more fun on the bike and enjoy your tours or driving technique trainings more intensely.

micobike offers tours on different levels and it is important to us that the respective groups are mostly in harmony with each other. In other words, we wouldn‘t want to mix beginners and more professional drivers, unless this is what they ask for. It is our goal to give you your money‘s worth.

The following descriptions should help you to assess yourself better. This will later on help you with the choice of the tour you would like to drive. As a general rule: if you regularly or intensely exercise or work out, you can rank your stamina level somewhat higher.


Level 1:

You are a casual driver, tours of 30 to 40 km on flat grounds suffice for you. Rises are definitely not part of your discipline.

  • How often you ride your bike: Approx. 5 - 20 times per year
  • Day trip: 20 - 40 km on flat grounds in a relaxed pace

Level 2:

You ride your bike about once a week or do your daily trips with the bike. You enjoy driving tours, but find steep or long slopes exhausting.

  • How often you ride your bike: Regularly, often more than once per week
  • km per year: 1000 - 2500
  • Day trip: 30 - 50 km with moderate slopes which can be somewhat longer or steeper

Level 3:

Bicycling is definitely your hobby. You drive your bike 2 or more times per week and  like to spend your vacation once or more times per year cycling. Whenever you feel like it, you may participate in a bicycle race. Basic training in the spring time is no alien concept to you. You enjoy driving uphill and see slopes as a welcome challenge.

  • How often you ride your bike: At least 2 times per week
  • km per year: 3000 - 7000
  • Day trip: 40 - 70 km, uneven track with longer and steeper slopes, also for several days in a row

Level 4:

You are definitely a frequent driver and regularly have training sessions. Performance diagnostics and all relevant types of training are known to you. Depending on your schedule and fancy, you perform these. You take part in competitions several times per year and when you take part in marathon races, it is your goal to beat your personal best time. A challenging altitude profile brings you joy.

  • How often you ride your bike: 3 - 4 times per week
  • km per year: 8000 - 17000
  • Day trip: Just about any distance, you love to accept challenges

Level 5:

You train on a professional level, usually under guidance, with medical support and technical equipment, such as performance measurement and gapless recording of all training data. You participate in at least one recreational sport. Your goal is to win competitions. You train, in order to become faster and face absolute extremes.

  • How often you ride your bike: 5 - 7 per week
  • km per year: over 15000
  • Day trip: Your head decides what the limits are

Driving technique

Level 1:

You like to bicycle and and can bring your bike to stand safely. However you nearly exclusively drive on paved paths. You don‘t feel safe on gravel or unpaved paths and tend to overreact in dangerous situations.

Level 2:

Safe braking on any ground as well as starting to drive on a hill does not require much concentration from you. You drive steep downhill slopes, untamed paths, serpentines in all-terrain areas and single trails only with great caution and a an uneasy feeling. Generally you are a safe bike driver.

Level 3:

Nearly none of the situations mentioned in level 2 are an issue for you. You like to drive single trails and downhill slopes bring you joy. Little jumps in open terrain as well as driving down steps are not much of a challenge for you anymore. However you only feel entirely safe when both wheels are touching the ground and the paths are not too steep and tricky. Steep uphill paths on rough terrain can still cause problems for you.

Level 4:

You are looking for the “thrill“. Your tours are downhill oriented and endurotours are among your strengths. You are good at “hops“  and “drops“ and like to drive in bikeparks. You master easier downhill and north shore trails in an “easygoing“ pace. You avoid large jumps and breaks though and take good care of your safety. When driving downhill, only very steep slopes, extreme terrain (such as coarse gravel), or your stamina at the end of a long day can cause you difficulties.

Level 5:

Whatever may come your way, you also drive paths that can even cause problems when going by foot. Downhill, freeride or dirt jump with various tricks are everything for you. Your motto is: The deeper, steeper, faster or more “stylish“, the better. You are confident and fast on unknown paths too.

If you have questions or are still not sure how to evaluate yourself, please contact us via email info@micobike.com on or simply call us on 0034 610 806 009.