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Rental and insurance conditions

  1. The rentee receives the bicycle in technically impeccable condition and a clean and safe for traffic state. Any flaws are to be reported immediately.
  2. We only rent out our bicycles upon presentation of an identification card or driver‘s license and a security deposit of 50 Euro in cash. This desposit will be refunded upon the proper return of the bike.
  3. The rentee is obliged to treat the bicycle carefully, so the next rentee can receive an impeccable bicycle too. Any damages on the bicycle are to be reported immediately and the costs incurred for fixing damages are to be borne by the rentee.
  4. The payment of the rental price and any additional services are to be paid in cash on site.
  5. The valid rental prices can be found on our homepage and are displayed in our bike shop. The rental prices are to be understood including taxes and duties.
  6. When making reservations of up to four weeks before the start of the journey, a prepayment of 20% of the full amount is due. For reservations made up to two weeks before the start of the journey, 50% of the full amount are due. You will receive the data for the transaction onto our business account when you make the reservation. If the rentel fails to comply, the payment will not be refunded.
  7. In case of a cancellation of a bike reservation six weeks befor, 50% of the rental price, at least 30 Euro, will be charged. In case of a cancellation of a bike reservation four weeks befor, 100% of the rental price will be charged.
  8. In case of a cancellation of the rental, for ex. due to bad weather, illness, disinclination or other reasons, no money will be refunded.
  9. The theft of a bicycle is not insured. Costs for damages on the bike due to negligence or malicious damage are not insured and to be fully borne by the rentee. The participation in bike races or similar sporting events is only permissible with a written agreement from micobike.
  10. The rentee is obliged to always secure the bicycle with a lock. At night the bike has to be stored in a secured and lockable room. In the event of loss of the bicycle, the rentee has to pay the replacement value of the bicycle, as well as a blanket contribution in the amount of 2 weekly rents, calculated according to the valid rental prices for the following full two weeks after the damaging event.
  11. For any repairs in foreign workshops during the rental period, micobike will not bear any costs.
  12. The held deposit will be refunded upon the return of the bicycle in a clean state including the complete equipment. In case of the bicycle being returned in a dirty state, 10 Euro may be retained for the cleansing.
  13. micobike is not liable for damages that are caused to the rentee or third parties through the use of the bicycle. The usage, sporting activity, participation in guided tours and driving training with the bicycle are made at one‘s own risk. micobike explicitly refuses any claim to recourse.
  14. The rentees are highly recommended to take out an indemnity insurance.
  15. The rent for one day is to be understood from 9 am to 7 pm. If the bicycle is not returned by the closing hour at the end of the rental period, we may charge the entire daily rental price.
  16. In Spain helmets are required, so we ask all rentees to wear a helmet as a protection against head injuries and to comply with the Spanish road traffic regulations.
  17. For any possible controversies with this contract - if no compelling regulations oppose this - the application of the Spanish law and the jurisdiction of the therefor appropriate court will be arranged.