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micobike offers you guided bike tours in small groups at different levels. The destination, length and demands are individually adapted to the participants. Fun and safety are first and foremost for us and in our tours.

All of our tours are always different.

Our Monday tour has an easier level to prepare for a fantastic week of tours or just to enjoy yourself. On Tuesday we drive a longer tour with more rises. On Thursday we like to drive somewhat smaller trails and steeper slopes. Fridays are reserved for tours on different parts of the island. We will organise the transfer for you.

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Your head guide is usually Micha, who has many multilateral experiences in cycling. All other guides have been very well trained by him. We are happy to share driving technique TIPS with you too.

Our tours usually take 5-6 hours. We take small breaks in between, in order to explain places of interest or just for a breathing pause. A little longer break is also always scheduled, in which we drink some “café con leche“ and gather our strengths.

The tours begin at 10 am and in summer at 9 am latest, so we don‘t get into the midday heat too soon.

The starting point varies and we like to arrange it depending on our clients. Genereally we drive in the southeast of Majorca. Every Friday we drive a tour in a different area of Majorca, either at Artá or in the Tramuntana mountain range.

Optionally we will organise a transfer to the starting point for you.

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We drive in small groups of at least 3 participants. The given prices in the group regard at least 3 participants, although everyone can enrol individually too of course.

The prices are to be understood including rental bike with pedals, helmet and guide. Costs for catering on the way or during breaks will be borne by the participants themselves.



49,00 Euro

64,00 Euro

Price in the group per person:

Price for 4 tours in the group per person:

185,00 Euro

239,00 Euro

149,00 Euro

164,00 Euro

Price of individual day tour:

You are looking for everything from a single source? We work together with TUI from Hamburg. Here you can book your trip for the desired dates. You should mention your individual wishes, such as rental cars or hotels according to your vision, when you make your enquiry. Your contact person is:

Barbara Zürn, hamburg4@tui-reisecenter.de , Tel: 0049 40 767 94 30

You can also directly book your tours with Barbara. If you book all four tours, you will have your MTB to your free disposal on Wednesday (where there is no planned tour).

We look forward to showing you Majorca from its natural side. Learn more about the country and people. Enjoy different tours each time, because with us no tour is the same as before (after all, we wouldn‘t want our guides to get bored either :)

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